Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Short update about Sarah

Just a short post to catch you up...

This past Saturday night we noticed that Sarah had a small temperature. By 6 in the morning it was reading around 101, so we called the hospital and we got to go the ER. Oh yes, loads of fun...

We ended up admitted to the hospital, even though her temp never did really go above 100 again, but she had what appeared to be the beginning stage of pneumonia and a small eye infection.

Sarah and I stayed in the hospital through the rest of the holiday weekend. I was pretty bummed about missing the 4th of July, but the boys were up at my brother in law's camp with Grandma and Grandpa anyway, and at least we got to watch the city fireworks from the hospital window. Really it was an awesome view! Too bad Sarah was too tired and bored after the first few. Still she would say, "Sun!" (she thought they looked like the sun) And "Sparkly!" along with me. She does love sparkly things. : )

I am really growing to love the nurses on our hospital floor, a few in particular. It eases the disappointment of having to go to the hospital some when there are people there you look forward to seeing. Really wonderful people, and many who love the Lord. And Sarah? She loves it there! (Well, as much as she can, considering she has to be cooped up in one room for days.) She especially loves getting her vitals taken. Seriously! When I told her Sunday morning that we were going to the hospital and she could get a froggy hug when she got there, (that's what we call getting her blood pressure taken because there is a little frog on the cuff) she got so excited and yelled, "Froggy hug!!" : ) She loves it all--the froggy hug, the little light they wrap around her finger, the nurse listening to her heart, belly and back, and getting her temperature taken (Sounds kind of like "chur chur chur" when she says it.) She's come a long way from at first when she would cry through it all every time. And when they draw her blood through her tubes ( she doesn't have to get pokes because she has that broviac permanently in her chest) she watches it and says "blood!" She won't be one who faints at the sight, for sure now!

So, we were there until yesterday, and it was so good to be home. No sign of any pneumonia and that eye infection disappeared. Praise the Lord! Tomorrow we go to the clinic to check her blood cell counts and probably get a platelets transfusion, and then the next day we go back to clinic again for a squirt of vincristine, a chemo drug. She is very excited to go and get her froggy hugs. And then....Done until next Friday when she gets her next round of chemo. We are making it through, folks! Thank you so much for praying!!

While I have transfusions on my mind, I just want to say thank you to anyone who has ever given blood or platelets. I was always one who said that was not my ministry since I am a little squeamish about needles. But I am so thankful for those people who give! What a wonderful thing to do. Truly saving lives. Little children like my baby girl. Thank you, thank you!!

I hope you are having a great week. I tell you, I cherish normal days at home. I hope you do too! Love to you all!!

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  1. Oh I love that Sarah loves her froggy hugs! That's so cute!!

    I'm so thankful for your inspiring attitude, Holly. God is really doing a work through you and no doubt, a lot of people are paying attention. He will get MUCH glory through this experience, I am certain of that!