Saturday, July 17, 2010

MRI results!

Today we were able to view both of Sarah's MRI scans--the one taken on June 2, the day after diagnosis, and the one taken on July 15. After only two rounds of chemotherapy, the tumor in her right eye which was so large it filled up her entire eye socket and was beginning to stretch back into her optic nerve and had looked like this-- Remember, her normal eye on that side is very small...

That tumor has shrunk down to only about 1 cm in diameter and now looks like this from the outside--

The oncologist on call today was telling us that oncologists typically do not get overly optimistic about MRI results, I guess because they don't want to get everyone's hopes up. But he said that our doctor, Dr. Smith, was so excited when she saw the scan results. Unusually excited! And we heard that when the scans were complete, the radiologist put a note on the second one with a label that said "Second MRI--supposedly without surgery." As if he couldn't even believe it! We are so thankful to God for getting us this far with such wonderful results. Everything has gone so well, including Sarah's body's reaction to some pretty strong chemotherapy.
The tumor board and all drs. involved are going to review her case soon, and decide from there the next course of action. She has one more scheduled round of chemo, and she also needs to have her small, blind eye (that had the huge tumor) removed, and the two small tumors in her good eye removed if the chemo does not take care of them. (So far the chemo hasn't shrunk them much. We were told it is because it is more difficult for the chemo to shrink this type of tumor.) So, they will be deciding what will be the best timeline to get all of these steps done.
Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. God is so  good, and we give Him all the glory!


  1. That is great news! Still praying, but doing a little praising today.

  2. I am all teary-eyed!! Seriously, isn't that just like our MIGHTY GOD!!? He knows how to wow the doctors, which isn't very easy. But He is our Healer and I just know He has big plans for sweet Sarah. This cancer schmancer will just be a blip on her record some day that will add great glory to the God she serves.

    Oh, how He loves us!!!!

  3. Praise the GREAT Physician!!!
    He is in complete control. All knowing. We are praying for your family. Love your blog.

  4. What wonderful news! I'm so glad to see your family and Sarah living life to the fullest in spite of her diagnosis. What a wonderful testimony to an amazing God!