Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun Day!

Our day started with an exciting trip to the clinic. So much fun to waste, I mean spend, over three hours just to get a blood draw! Yippee! At least she did not need a platelets transfusion, which is what we thought she would need. And she actually loves going, and it really is always fun to spend time with Sarah. Praise the Lord her blood count levels jumped up more quickly
this time than last time.

Then we came home, and I was so happy because Grandma and Grandpa brought all the boys home. I simply don't like being separated from my kids for any length of time. I am especially realizing that fact this summer as I have been forced to be away from them much more than usual. So, I sincerely am hoping that all 5 of them are called to serve the Lord when they grow up right smack dab in the middle of the block where I live. :)

All the boys went swimming when they came home. Ben was the last one left in the pool.

My water baby.

Sarah plainly showing that you don't have to have a full head of hair to be beautiful.

Jacob cool and collected after his fun weeks at camp

So happy my Josh is home.

We enjoyed our visit with my hubby's dear parents, (Is anyone else blessed with fabulous in-laws?) and then this evening we went to softball followed by a swim in the pool.....ME INCLUDED-- which is big news because I only get in there like maybe once a year when the water temp. is about 90. Today it was only 85, and if I would have known that before I promised I would get in, I'm sure it never would have happened.

Enjoy some pictures today! I took my camera with me to softball, but realized I forgot to put the card in there. I'll have to get those next time.

Enjoy your weekend!! I know I will!!! : )

Sarah amazed that I was getting in the water

Here I go!

Mark this date on your calendar, boys.

Cassandra had to join in the fun. She jumped right in with all her clothes on!

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