Friday, June 7, 2013

Video of Corrie!

Look what I found... a video of the baby home where Corrie is--and Corrie is in it!  (Only for a second.  I wish she were in it longer!)  She is near the beginning in blue.  She is so precious, I just cannot wait to have her home!  (Did you read my previous post about the fundraiser a kind friend is doing for us?  And did you know it involves Krispy Kreme donuts??  AND, today was National Donut Day?  If you know of someone who might like some donuts, even if that someone just might be you, go check it out!)  And enjoy the video!  Those babies are so adorable, too. :)


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! How sweet!!!!

  2. I love the video! Corrie looks so cute!! Wish we could see more of her!

    Will you be keeping her name or changing it?

    Blessings on your journey!

    1. Thanks, Jean! I know, I was so disappointed when that was all there was of her on there. I know, I know the little babies are adorable, but still. So is Corrie!! :) At this point we are planning on keeping her name. We've known her as Corrie since we first "met" her in 2010, and changing it just seems weird. Like changing one of our kids' names at this point in their lives. And, Corrie Ten Boom is one of my heroes. But, I am praying about it. If God gives me another name, maybe Corrie will end up being the middle name.

  3. Have you seen the video on facebook where Daniel is feeding her pretzels or something?