Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where we are in the process of bringing our Corrie home...

Hello again!  So sorry I disappeared on you right after I shared our exciting news.  It turns out that being a busy mom is tiring--and especially when you are the mom of one very chatty, delightful, precious and BUSY little girl like our Sarah. :)  So, most nights I mostly just feel like putting my feet up and vegging instead of blogging. 

But, I need to update you now because we are in the middle of the paper pregnancy.  Well, actually we are almost done with it!  And we have been watching God provide the money for this adoption in several different ways.  Amazing, really-- and that whole story will be the subject of a different blog post when it all plays out.  Part of the way God is providing is through ordinary people.  It always touches my heart so deeply when people step forward and give to meet a need.  It's humbling when the person in need is me.  I would so rather just be able to get money out of the bank and do it all ourselves, but no, we really don't have thousands of extra dollars in the bank.  We are definitely scrimping and saying no to some things that we would like to do and selling some things on ebay and things like that.  And, we are looking into some different fundraising ideas.  We plan to have a garage sale soon, and do some local restaurant fundraiser nights, and we're deciding about some other things.  But in the meantime, I got the biggest surprise the other day on facebook.  A cousin of Corrie's caregiver has loved Corrie forever, and she took it upon herself to do a fundraiser for us!  I've never even met her in person.  I can't tell you how encouraging that was to me!  I wish I lived next door to this precious lady so that we could be best friends! 

And the best part is... it involves Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!  How great is that?  It's great because they are not expensive, almost everyone likes doughnuts....and if you don't, you surely know someone who does, and it would make their day if you surprised them with some!  Anyone in the country can order from her, and she will ship you gift certificates that never expire.  Is this a WIN-WIN situation or what?  Get doughnuts and help a little girl to never be an orphan anymore!  Easy and yummy!  Are you loving this lady and this idea as much as I do? 

So, I know you are dying to know how to get these doughnuts.  Just go to this LINK and it tells you exactly how to do it.  Thank you in advance for loving Corrie with us and helping us to bring her home.  We are so grateful to everyone who can help! 

And just in case you forgot how beautiful she is, we got a new picture!

Doesn't that face make you hungry for some Krispy Kremes??

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  1. She is just so beautiful, and I bet she will love donuts!! :)