Saturday, July 21, 2012

The wise man built his house upon the rock...

Hello again, anyone who happens to come across my humble little blog!  It's been a long time, and I thought I would make an appearance just in case you missed me... ; )  We are all doing well and enjoying our summer.  I hope you are too!

I went on a field trip of sorts with Josh today.  We visited an 82- year old man who lives with his wife out in the country, not too far from our home.  They live on a century-old Christmas tree farm that has slowly shrunk over the years as acres have been sold to neighbors.  Several acres remain, but other things have taken place of the Christmas trees.  There is a thriving garden there, boasting ripening veggies and a beautiful section just reserved for flowers.  There is a great old tree with about 15 bird feeders hanging from it, as if saying "Don't worry...there is room for all of you!"  There is a homely little cocker spaniel who runs around greeting guests with the happiest little smile and waggy tail you ever saw. And there is a hammock just waiting invitingly for any weary soul who wants to come and rest.

But the thing you will notice the most about this charming old home and property, is that this man collects rocks.  And when I say he collects rocks, I mean that in a very BIG way!  He has several  boulders, some of them more than 7,000 pounds!  And huge, garden-sized plots full of large stones of all kinds.  He has every kind of rock you can think of displayed as neatly as he could manage it, all over his backyard.  It's amazing!  He had been collecting these rocks for about twelve years until a couple of years ago when he decided he was getting too old to be going "rocking" anymore, as he called it.  We went there with the rock club we belong to, and it was a special treat for geology enthusiasts.  But what made the day so special to me was not so much the rocks, but the way God spoke to me through the very special man who so painstakingly collected them.

"Buck," as he likes to be called, is as charming a man as you would ever want to meet.  He is one of those sweet grandpa-types who has a kind word for everyone, a love for children, a twinkle in his eye, and a little mischief up his sleeve.  I enjoyed talking to him and listening to him share his stories of how he got those rocks. And as you spend time with him, you just feel like you have always known him.  Or at least you wish you would have.  You can tell that he is not the sort who would let the cares and stresses of this world get him down. When it was time to leave, I was sad that I would not have a good excuse to go and visit him again.  This sweet man who has lived a long, full life and has seen a little bit of everything, I would imagine,  has a way about him that emanates peace and contentment, and you can't help but just being drawn to him.  

I left his home wondering all the way why I am not that sort of person.  Why do I worry over every little thing so often the way that I do?  Why do I get myself all in a tizzy about this and that?  Mostly little things that will most certainly work themselves out with just a little time and trust. 

And I continued that train of thought and began to zero in on that one word in my mind...  TRUST. 

Maybe if we truly did trust God in everything--  like He so lovingly reminds us to all throughout His Word.  Maybe if we really DID let it all go and just let Him have it.  ALL of our worries.  All of our cares that take up so much space in our fretting little minds.    Maybe if we all decided to not be stressed.  Just as simple as that.  Maybe then we could have the kind of peace and contentment that Buck has found.  And maybe, just maybe, that heart full of joy that is so evident in him has been the secret to the long life he's lived...and it's a better medicine than every pill and herb and healthfood trend that's out there. 

I don't know, but through my visit with Buck and his amazing rock farm today, God helped me to remember once again the secret to that abundant life He's given.  And I am thankful I had the privilege of meeting a special man.  I won't soon forget our new friend.


  1. I think so many of us strive to be full trust of our Lord to carry our burdens and to lead our steps during the day. It brings such peace on those days, or perhaps moments, when we trust Him!

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