Monday, March 12, 2012

Jesus loves the little children...

A recent conversation:

Me:  "Sarah, you always make me smile."
Sarah:  "I make you smile every day!"
"Yes, you do!"
"Mommy, you're wonderful."

And another time in the car:

"Mommy, you are so precious.  I would open up a treasure chest, and there you are!  I love you so much.  I like you."  And then I hear kisses being blown in my direction from the back seat. (As precious as that sounds, she was parroting me with her treasure chest speech. She's heard me call her my treasure and how I would find her in a treasure chest many times.  But I believe she fully means it when she says it back to me!)  : )

Oh, my Sarah.  Our little girl whose favorite things are talking, (and she never tires of it.  Ever,) smiling, laughing, hugging, dancing, singing, playing instruments, (I wish I could type that the way she says it..."Mom, I'm playing in-stru-ments!")  being silly, playing doctor--every day,   jumping, spinning,  doing "gymnastics" (okay, it's mostly somersaults on the carpet,) sitting on your lap, being with people, talking to you, (oh, did I say that one already?)  bugging her brother, Ben, encouraging you,  and knowing she is making you proud.  She is brave, honest about her feelings, loving, and full of joy.  She is so very happy. 

Sarah is honestly, truly, in every sense of the word.....a treasure. She was created by God, in His image.  A masterpiece made to be loved and cherished.  She is our daughter, and we love her with all of our hearts.  With every bit of our souls.  Just, exactly like we love the rest of our children. 

I just now finished spending some time over at Wonderful, Waiting Kids.  I rarely spend much time on waiting children websites anymore because we just can't adopt right now, and my heart hurts so much to see their pictures, I can barely stand to look.  I feel like I can't even catch my breath sometimes when I read the profiles.  When I hear in my mind their sweet voices asking when their mommies and daddies will come, I simply can't bear it. 

All I can do is imagine our Sarah there in the orphanage.  A face in the crowd. Yes, maybe these children have a special nanny who loves them.  Maybe they have a best friend.  I am sure they have fun sometimes.  At least most of them must. 

But none of this is a substitute for a real family.  A family who will see them as they truly are.  Every one of them--a priceless treasure.  Just like Sarah.

Please, won't you consider adopting one of these children?  Children from everywhere--China, Russia, Ethiopia, or right in your own state.  They are not just statistics.  They are real children longing for love from a family.  And they deserve it. 

Why not take a minute and check out one of the sites on the right side of my page.  And really pray about adopting!  And if you are thinking about it, would you let me know in the comments?  It would make me so happy to know you are considering it! 

And I'm sure it would make Sarah smile too.  

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