Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just a couple of quotes, courtesy of my kids...

The other day, my Josh was in his sign language class that my friend teaches at a nearby elementary school.  It is just a twenty minute class that meets during recess time.  So, Josh had gone inside, and I normally wait out in the car reading until he gets back. This time I had Ben with me.  Soon, all the kids came running outside for recess.  Ben looked out the window, and exclaimed, "Mom!  There are like a thousand kids at that park!" is kind of sad that my son had never seen what recess looks like up close and personal!


The other night I was tucking Sarah into bed.  I was smiling at her and singing to her, and we were saying silly things and talking about the day.  She reached up and touched my eyelashes and said, "What's this?"  "It's my eyelashes."  I kept smiling and gazing at her....  Then, "What's this?"  "It's my eyelid."  And then she pointed to the side of my eye. "What's this?"  "What?"  She pointed again.  "What's this?"  "What?"  She paused.   "....Whiskers?"    I never thought of crows' feet looking like whiskers!  Lol. : )

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  1. Love the whiskers comment! I have whiskers too.